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About Us

KosCode provides technical training programs for enterprises and end users in data science, computer science, software development, cyber security and robotics.

Why Choose Us?

Deep Understanding of Industry Needs –
Our instructors are former or current managers at top technology firms. They know deeply what skills their companies are actively looking for.

Bias on Skills –
We want to get you to build things independently as quickly as possible. We’re not here to entertain you – we’re here to develop you.

Our Services

We help customers in hundreds of professional and commercial communities connect and learn, and create and provide access to content and intelligence so they can work smarter and make better decisions faster.

Tech classes for KIDS

KosCode believes in providing a holistic and practical tech education to kids at a very young tender age. Great tech founders code when they were young and went on to build multi-billion businesses that resonates around the world.

Humanoids with Arduino | Ages: 8+

In this class, students will learn the basics of circuitry and robotics by building their own motor control system and operate through Arduino platform, a simplified version of C programming. This course is ideal for students who want to experiment and work with their hands while learning some coding.

Vehicles with Arduino | Age: 8+

TIn this class, students build increasingly advanced robotics platforms. Students will construct and program a self-driving vehicle capable of sensing and steering itself around objects.

Computer Science | Ages: 10+

The ultimate goals for the 10-week program are to expose students to computer science and give them hands-on experience with HTML/CSS/Javascript coding to solve real-world problems.

Robot Operating System | Ages: 15+

ROS – Robot Operating System – is like the Linux of robots. Most of the world’s robots are now powered by ROS as the middleware both in industry and academia. In this course students will learn about how to use ROS to program real or simulated robots. ROS comes with a very large and diverse set of functions that make it straightforward for programming robots and all of these will be taught in this course.

Computer Science and Engineering

This course introduces learners to the fundamental understandings of Machine Learning – one of the hottest trends in Computer Science and Engineering now a days. Through the theoretical lectures and hands-on practices, students will learn how to analyze, pre-process data, build and apply Machine Learning models and algorithms to solve practical problems e.g., to predict/classify future outcomes of academic and business data.



We are stronger together | Our Partners

Viva Trade est une jeune entreprise puisqu’elle a officiellement existé depuis fin septembre 2017 pour commencer ses activités dès octobre 2017 dans le canton de Vaud en Suisse.
Viva Trade importe de la nourriture et des boissons des Balkans que nous entreposons dans un local adapté à Yverdon les bains (situé en Suisse dans le canton de Vaud).
Les épiceries de la région Lausannoise sont nos principaux clients. Mais nous livrons aussi dans les villes de Morges, Nyon, Vevey, Aigle, Fribourg, Bulle, Genève, Berne et Payerne.

Korrekt Konto shpk është një shoqëri e ekspertëve kontabel me seli në Prishtinë , Kosovë që ofron shërbime të kontabilitetit, taksave dhe konsulencë financiare për klientet tanë që variojnë nga kompanitë e vogla deri tek kompanitë e mëdha si dhe organizatave jo-fitim prurëse. “korrekt konto” shpk ofron shërbime me efektivitet dhe zgjidhje optimale për përmbushjën e kërkesave tuaja. Ne jemi të dedikuar për të njohur problemet e klienteve tanë me qëllim që tu pergjigjemi në kohë nevojave të tyre për maksimizimin e fitimit.

Vision Agency is a professional company specialized in analyzing and developing services that builds, designs, manages web sites and provides many information technology services. Based on our many years of experience we now have the opportunity to offer these services at affordable cost even in our market. Our company covers a wide range of services from the development of mobile applications, Cloud and VoIP services in UX and Design strategies. With passion and dedication, we take every project seriously, whether small or large, and make sure to provide the right team of professionals for each of the projects. All your data is secure with us. Our priorities are security and optimization. We use the best resources to deliver it.

Universum College is a higher education institution which received unconditional institutional accreditation by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA). Study programs, institutional management and quality assurance are highly evaluated by international experts (see reports of accreditation) Universum College was established in March 2005 which is located in Pristina, Kosovo’s capital city and in Ferizaj. Since 2012 College Universum has started functioning with its branch in Gjakova.

Meet the Team

We combine professional expertise to provide real-industry training to our clients in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Cybersecurity, Robotics, App Development, and more.
We believe in teaching hard skills, not experiences, to clients from different backgrounds and ages.

Our professional engineering team knows what it takes to help you become a software developer, roboticist, data scientist, or even a scientific researcher.
We do not know exactly what the future holds, but we're going to prepare you to face it.


Qëndrim Rexha



Muzafer Shala

PhD Electronics Engineering


Artan Beka

Microsoft® - MCSE


Faton Isufi

Computer Science | Blockchain

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